TasteTro Spice System is an intelligent spice rack that delivers mouthwatering spice blends at the touch of a button. Leading up to their recent launch on Indiegogo, they needed a large number of print and digital materials designed. This included marketing collateral for various home and product trade shows, as well as designs for their website, newsletters, and most recently their Indiegogo campaign page.

In addition, we also conceptualized and designed the full screen on the appliance itself including all screen icons, and the spice names and branding of the individual spice pods.

Fun fact: Although their Indiegogo campaign didn’t meet their ultimate fundraising goal the TasteTro is still on track to hit retail shelves -- and once it does, the Indiegogo price will be available to all campaign supporters.

What’s up next for us? The complete design of all TasteTro packaging. Be sure to check back here to see the final results for yourself!



  • Printed marketing materials: media kit sheets, brochures, recipe cards, pop up banners, postcards, etc.

  • Online: website slider images, googles ads, Indiegogo campaign images, email newsletter graphics and icons

  • Appliance screen design


website banners and graphics


Media kit sheet

caption 4

pop up banner




misc. crowdfunding campaign images


website banners and graphics