Riceworks manufactures gourmet snacks made from whole grain rice, with no preservatives, artificial flavours or gluten. What differentiates them from other rice snacks on the market is the quantity and variety of different flavours they offer.

Dana Lu was fortunate to be part of the Riceworks team while working at Snack Alliance since their inception. She was involved in everything (seriously - everything!) from naming the product and developing the list of mouthwatering flavours to creating different website assets and all of the unique packaging for Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. Each flavoured package was showcased with large, rich and coloured imagery to convey its deliciousness and their satisfying crunch.

Other design projects she worked on for Riceworks included media promotional kits, swag items such as t-shirts and chip clips, coupons, sell sheets, recipe cards, snack size bags and shipper cartons.

Dana Lu graphic design riceworks packaging design

packaging design

Dana Lu graphic design riceworks snack size packaging

snack size packaging

riceworks flyers and postcards


riceworks coupons

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